For a quick and easy update countertop resurfacing is your ticket to a dramatic kitchen transformation

granite countertopsConsidering an update to your kitchen? You see a stunning improvement by getting a new countertop installed directly over your existing countertop. No messy demolition. And this option is typically a one-day installation.

Bring the beauty of quartz into your kitchen

Many North Bay homeowners choose quartz for their new kitchen countertop.
Beautiful, durable, and easy to care for, quartz countertops are available in a variety of colours (more than marble or granite) and styles.

Other reasons quartz is always in-demand:

  • Non-porous: Water and bacteria won’t seep through or become trapped in the surface.
  • Tough construction: Quartz is highly resistant to chipping, scratching and staining.
  • Simple maintenance: Easily wipes clean and doesn’t require sealing or resealing
  • Consistent appearance: The colouration of quartz is the same throughout the countertop.

Quartz combines the look of granite and the strength of marble to create a one-of-a-kind countertop for your kitchen.

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The perfect countertop to complement your décor and personal taste

We have an incredible collection of styles for your kitchen and bathroom counters. Traditional materials, budget-conscious choices and unique engineering are all part of the countertops we can install for you. We know a countertop has to withstand constant use while still maintaining its visual appeal, and we depend on several quality suppliers to bring you a product you’ll be happy with years done the road.

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We assess your space and requirements to help you choose the best countertop

When you speak to us about what countertop is best we’ll look at what matters to you regarding the following factors:

  1. Durability
  2. Ease of cleaning
  3. Resistance to heat, stains and water
  4. Visual appeal concerning colour and texture
  5. Budget

No one material will be superior in all of these areas, so there’s always a little compromise, but we’ll go over the pros and cons for your scenario and help you decide what the ideal solution for countertop resurfacing or new installations in a kitchen remodel.

We create custom countertops for our customers that will get rave reviews after years of daily use

Each installation is unique in the measurements, preferences of the customer and the materials used. Our popular Granite Transformations countertop is one of the options that provides versatility in installation, as well as advanced engineering that offers a lifetime warranty.

Visit our showroom to discover all the options that will work in your kitchen and bathroom or request more information to ask us anything about changes you want to make in your home.